The Best Job in The World




You know this profession quite well. It’s true, you didn’t choose it, yet we all practice it.

The job? Being human.

It’s is a real job. I insist on this since many of us seem to have forgotten it. There’s no need for a college degree to be accepted. We’re all eligible!

But as it’s the best job in the world, it also carries responsibilities. Such as being totally committed to diligently performing the duties of the job. Just like a big boss or CEO, I think we need to take risks to practice this wonderful job of being human and not acting like puppets.

But is it really worth taking such risks?

I often ask myself this question and you probably do too.

Would it not be better to just save for the future in this profession of living, be thrifty and live below your means? Or should we thoroughly enjoy all the pleasures available to us on Earth?

Which alternative allows us to better perform the job of Homo sapiens?

Viewed from this point of view, the choice is difficult. I think most of us would choose a hybrid solution, attempting to reconcile both views.

Yet, I still maintain it’s a big mistake.

Would you like me to convince you?

First, if you have deep religious convictions, the following lines aren’t going to please you. But I still hold a great fascination for religion. (More about this topic below….)

And then, I don’t want to talk about this again here but I’ve lived through extreme situations and I think I know what I’m talking about. I don’t like the word “expert” (beware of them!). I’m not one. I’m just sharing my opinion. It’s up to you to decide.

So, in your job of living, there are things you hate and others you dream about. What prevents you from getting rid of the former and moving towards the latter?


Absolutely nothing.

Our industrialized societies have been freed from physical slavery. You’re not tied to a pole with a rope. You won’t be whipped if you leave.

So? Why don’t you change?

Because there’s another kind of slavery much stronger than the chain tied to your ankle. It’s what I call moral slavery.

Basically, it’s the set of principles that were drummed into our heads since our childhood which led us to firmly believe in certain ideas. They are so well ingrained that we no longer think about reviewing them.

An example?

Ask yourself this simple question: What are you capable of?

At first, you’ll dream of a few crazy projects that you have in you, often well hidden. Your secret garden. Then, slowly, you’ll reduce your range of capacity to just beyond the limits of reality.

That’s moral slavery. It means being so well molded by society that your dreams become impossible to reach.

Whereas everything is possible. :)

Everything is absolutely possible.


These are not the empty words from a author/blogger who wants to be noticed. It’s something I’ve tried to prove to you during all my years of blogging. I’m not trying to brag or anything. I’m neither better nor more intelligent than you. Other people in the world also do it daily.

Why is it possible?

Simply because if we choose a path we are passionated about, we automatically meet the requirements of the job. We have the skills, even if they’re not fully acquired yet. Some “real life” internships will teach us all we need to know.

I didn’t say it would be easy and that you could accomplish it in a month. No, the process is long, like a very full life. ;)

And here, I can already hear some of you sighing. If that’s your case, you’re actually well conditioned by society, which means that you want everything to happen instantly.

Except that, a dream job cannot be created at the snap of a finger.

Of course, we’re always fooled by the illusion (dangled before your eyes) of winning the lottery or “something big” that will change everything. It sometimes happens but only for a tiny minority. Betting on this, in my opinion, is taking a huge risk on your progress…

And, let’s say you don’t actually get your exact dream job… what will have happened? You will have experienced more rich moments by trying to get it than by safely staying in your comfort zone.

You will have fulfilled your life calling.

Not to please a god or to enter heaven or nirvana. But just to fulfill your responsibilities.

You’re not easily convinced?

It’s normal, you don’t particularly want to be. The system is too well designed. Personally, it took me a long time to get out of it.

So, I’ll give you two examples.

The first is that of a very close friend.

A bright man who succeeded in his studies and all that he undertook within the molds of society.

Over the years, he earned more and more money, had higher responsibilities, and a lot more work. Yet he never pursued what was closest to his heart. He put aside his true passions, promising me to dedicate time to them later.

The years passed by, his children grew up, and his stress increased. Can you guess what happened? A few weeks ago, he suffered a heart attack and remained in intensive care for two weeks after surgery.

As you read these lines you’ll be wondering, if he had followed his passions, he wouldn’t have had this problem?

That’s not exactly true, because stress caused by an activity, of any kind, exists. But in my opinion, it’s better to die for something you love, than for something society imposes on you.

Listening to my friend tell me his story, I thought to myself, “all this for that…”

(And you, what were you thinking about when reading his story?)

True, it’s always easy to judge someone, to give advice or to blame. But when it’s about ourselves, we suddenly become much more forgiving, isn’t it?

And that’s when the tyranny of “Buts” sets in.

“But I have two loans and three children!”

“But once I’ve finished this year, then I’ll be done.”

“But my case is different…”

So yes, give up the best job in the world. Let yourself be governed by the tyranny of “Buts” and by a society that doesn’t want to see you move forward.

Accept your fate and don’t complain every Monday morning.

The other option is to accept the job without complaining, and to venture, to try, to dare.

I’m not saying you should turn everything upside down, quit everything all at once! That would be stupid and would certainly lead to failure. A touch of crazyness is essential in any undertaking if you know where you are going. In which direction.


You take a step forward. And then another. You make mistakes? It doesn’t matter, you learn the job, you have time and you try a different route. You ask for advice. You improve. You progress and without realizing it, you blossom. You pursue your dream “job.”

Indeed, from then on, anything is possible.

Or better still, a world of opportunity will open up for you… :)

It makes you dream?

Please, stop daydreaming and get started! It begins with a small step. Nothing more. We’re not Superman or Superwoman.

And for those of you, who are already living their dreams, don’t forget, it’s easy to quickly get into a rut. From time to time, we need to challenge ourselves anew, to keep the little flame of the best job in the world shining.

I try to do it (sometimes, a little too often). Now, again I’ll go off the beaten track and it’s my second example.

If you read my blog, you’ll know I’m a writer (that’s my livelihood) and that my series Woman without fear (La femme sans peur) met with success (nearly 50,000 copies sold just in France!). The series will be released in the US and UK May 19th. I keep my fingers crossed! 😉

So, I said to myself: “What will I publish after?”

I could create a new saga, a copycat adventure of Trinity and Speedy, the two heroes of my current series. That’s what some authors do, it’s their choice and I respect it.

My new series will be different. Boom!

Mystical and erotic. Boom!

With religion inside. The Da Vinci Code meets Fifty Shades of Grey. Boom!

I’m really going off-the-beaten-track! That said, I’m up to the challenge and am passionate about it. I’ve never read and studied so much the subject of courtship and love before!

Will I be facing failure? As in all endeavors, it’s quite possible. I’ll recover and move on to something else. ;)

With these two small examples will I convince you that it’s time to break away from old habits? That your days are counted? That once you’re dead, you’re dead? That at that point, your hard-earned savings, won’t do any good to you?…

If I could, I’d sign right away for you your employment contract as a real human being.

But I can’t do more than share these few words to try and raise your awareness. I’d like to make you understand that what you’re living is often just an illusion (which seems real) and that you can create the real “you” with every breath you take.

So, for once, let your heart do the talk… :)


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